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Attorney Jessie Glenn

Attorney Jessie J. Glenn started the Glenn Law Firm in 2003. Attorney Jessie Glenn holds a juris doctor degree (with an emphasis in litigation) and a degree in psychology (with a minor in Political Science) from California State University. Attorney Jessie Glenn is a member of the South Carolina State Bar and the Texas State Bar.

Attorney Jessie Glenn and the Glenn Law Firm are committed to providing effective legal counsel for their clients’ individual needs. With law offices in Aiken, South Carolina and Charleston, South Carolina Attorney Jessie Glenn offers his services to citizens in all counties in South Carolina. If Attorney Jessie Glenn cannot personally help you, he is more than happy to help find an attorney who may be able to help you.

Attorney Jessie Glenn fully understands the importance of each client’s legal situation, understands that a person’s livelihood, their freedom, their financial stability, and career could be at stake. Jessie Glenn gives an honest evaluation of the potential outcome, and tells his clients what they might expect throughout the process. A client who knows what is taking place during their legal process is a client who can contribute to the outcome of their case. Not all dealings with an attorney end just the way the attorney or client desires. By being upfront and honest with each client and giving an honest evaluation of their legal matter or potential case enables clients deal with their legal dilemma much more effectively. Attorney Jessie Glenn makes certain that his staff is available 24/7 to swiftly and immediately address his client’s legal concern.