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Attorney Jessie Glenn

Providing Legal Help Since 2003

Jessie Glenn an experienced Trial Attorney!

Why Attorney Jessie Glenn?

The Glenn Law Firm was founded in 2003 by Trial Attorney Jessie Glenn.

Since then, Jessie has successfully represented clients who were wrongfully accused of serious crimes, obtained several six figure settlements on behalf of injured clients, and has handled numerous complex family law matters.

Let’s Get Going!

Defend your rights

As a trial attorney, Jessie Glenn has tried criminal cases, car accidents cases, and complex family law matters. If you want an attorney who will be honest, fair, and upfront with you, then call Jessie Glenn and the Glenn Law Firm today!

Get Your Legal Advice Fast!

With easy 24/7 access, clients are always able to get a hold of their attorney at the Glenn Law Firm! Phones are answered 24/7 at 844-JESS-LAW! Clients are never out of reach from their legal professional at the Glenn Law Firm!

Experience Matters!

Jessie Glenn has been a Trial Attorney since 2003. Attorney Jessie Glenn has helped clients wrongfully accused of crimes, seriously injured, and clients involved in complex family law litigation. Contact us now for an honest evaluation of your case! Phones answered 24/7 for emergencies!

Diligent and Zealous!

Attorney Jessie Glenn personally meets with each client that hires the Glenn Law Firm. Your file needs an attorney that knows all of the facts which is why the Glenn Law Firm is available 24/7 so that we can stay informed on all aspects of your file!


Love What We Do


Since 2003, Jessie Glenn has been right here in South Carolina!


The Glenn Law Firm maintains the highest ethical standards. Your important and sensitive information shall remain 100% confidential at all times (even after your file is closed).

Fast results

With clients able to contact their attorney 24/7, the Glenn Law Firm is able to deliver faster results for their clients!